First Steps to Quitting Smoking

First Steps to Quitting Smoking

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First Steps to Quitting Smoking

What is the first step when quitting smoking? Many people will advise you to see a doctor, to purchase a smoking cessation aid or to throw away any tobacco in your house. Some will suggest taking up a physical activity or hobby. These are all excellent ideas…But, the FIRST step in quitting the tobacco habit has to come from you, and that step is to make the decision to stop smoking and a commitment to better health.

Sometimes, smokers feel pressured by family members and co-workers to quit. Friends and family have good intentions and they have the smoker’s welfare at heart; we all know the statistics regarding health issues and cigarettes, and we know that quitting smoking is one of the best ways to improve overall health. But, when smokers attempt to quit due to outside pressure, the inner desire can be missing, and this can set them up for failure. Smoking is a strong addiction, and the will and desire to overcome it must be equally strong in order to succeed.

Finding Alternatives to Smoking

Next, find the best methods for you. The one thing we know for sure about quitting smoking is that it is a very individual process. What works for some people doesn’t work at all for others. Some people are able to draw a line in the sand and quit cold turkey; others need to wean themselves off physical cravings more slowly. Many people are not only addicted to the nicotine, but also to the rituals of smoking that have become a part of their daily life.

If you’ve made the decision to quit smoking, you must now find a way to change your life. This might involve finding a new activity that you can do when you feel like smoking. It could be as simple as taking a sip of water every time you have a craving to smoke, or it can be a more radical lifestyle change such as taking up running. Exercise is an excellent alternative to smoking. If you adopt a physical activity like running, cycling or yoga, your physical fitness will improve. As you become more committed to increasing speed and endurance, your desire to smoke will likely decrease.

If health problems prevent you from exercising, you might consider taking up meditation, which has been proven to have a calming effect. If that’s not for you, an activity like knitting can help to occupy your hands and keep you focused on a task rather than a craving.

The Vaping Trend

Some smokers find that “vaping” or inhaling flavored vapor from an electronic cigarette device is a good alternative to smoking. The liquid used in these devices comes in thousands of different flavors, and it is available with various concentrations of nicotine, as well as in nicotine-free forms. Vaping doesn’t require burning, so there is no smoke, and virtually no odor. Those around you won’t be exposed to second-hand smoke, and the vapor won’t cling to your breath and clothing or pollute your home. It also costs much less than conventional cigarettes.

There are numerous options for those interested in e-cigarettes as this worldwide trend continues to pick up steam. The first step to quitting smoking is finding your ideal smoking alternatives – and a healthier, non-smoking you!

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