How to Replace Smoking with Vaping

How to Replace Smoking with Vaping

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Should I Replace Smoking with Vaping?

With the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices, many smokers are wondering whether it’s time to switch. There are many compelling reasons why you might want to consider exchanging your tobacco for an e-cigarette. Vaping advantages include:

Cost. Cigarettes increase in price annually, with rising taxes being one of the factors that makes them expensive to smoke. People who switch from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes report that after an initial investment in a starter kit, the savings become evident almost immediately. Even if you use only premium cartridges or e-liquid, the cost of vaping is much less than the cost of smoking tobacco.

Smoke. Smoke lingers on the breath and the clothing of the smoker. It seeps into the upholstery of cars and permeates furniture and curtains. It leaves residue on walls and ceilings, and the odor can be extremely unpleasant. In addition, second-hand smoke can pose danger to those who are exposed to it. Because e-cigarettes, also called e-cigs, work by heating liquid (nicknamed “e-liquid” or “e-juice”) until it produces vapor, no combustion is required. This means no smoke and virtually no odor. In addition, since no matches, lighters or burning cigarette butts are involved, the possibility of accidental fire is eliminated.

Choice. Cigarettes come in one flavor: tobacco. Even menthol cigarettes are still basically tobacco-flavored. Of course, there are many tobacco-flavored e-juice products on the market, for those who prefer their e-cigarettes to taste the same as regular cigarettes. But, there is also a huge range of other flavors available, from caramel mocha latte to bourbon, from Chai tea to root beer. Does butter popcorn sound inviting? Or, would you prefer raspberry chocolate mint? Almost any flavor you can imagine is available in an e-liquid form. Herbal compounds that use essences like lavender, marjoram, fennel, vanilla or valerian root are also available.

Nicotine Control. E-juice is available in many different formulations. If you are substituting vaping for tobacco cigarettes, you may want to begin by maintaining the same level of nicotine intake. However, if your intention is to cut down on the amount of nicotine you inhale, you can gradually reduce it. When you purchase cartridges and bottles of e-liquid, choose products that contain either a mild, medium or high concentration of nicotine – or you can opt for nicotine-free varieties.

Buying a Vape Device

Before investing in a vape device, be sure to learn more about the various types and brands that are available from our top list. Basically, there are four types of vaping devices for starters: E-Cigarette, Vape Pod, Vape Pen and Vape Mod.

  • E-Cigarettes are lightweight, made to resemble conventional cigarettes. They’re discreet and portable, but their battery life is shorter than other devices, so if you buy a rechargeable e-cigarette, you may want to purchase a charging case as an accessory.
  • Vape PODs hold more liquid and have a longer battery life. They are about the size of a usb flash drive and are available in a range of funky colors. Vape Pods are among the fastest selling vaping products this season.
  • Vape Mods are made for the committed vaper, as they hold a considerably larger volume of liquid and feature an array of customizable features.

If you think replacing smoking for vaping is for you, explore the world of e-cigarette and vaping! If you are a vaper already, help others by voting for the best vaping device.

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